Looking Back: 2017

It was such as roller coaster ride. From dealing with all the necessary drama, from switching jobs and for all the good memories I made with friends and family. I am leaving 2017 behind with a big smile on my face thinking that life has been so good to me and I couldn’t be thankful enough.

I don’t think its bad for people to reflect on their year. I admire people who can write their thoughts. Please know that I read, I like to read people’s thoughts through blogs or posts simply because I feel like I can relate to most of them.

I had the list of the things I want to do but I end up not doing it anyway but its okay I just simply get used to it which for me is really not that bad. Although looking back, I achieved some which I never really thought I could.

  1. Climb Mt. Agung
  2. Explore Gold Coast, Australia – http://blog.queensland.com/2015/08/07/100-things-to-do-gold-coast/ for reference
  3. Spend Autumn in Japan
  4. Finish a half marathon (Marathon for next year) – Who am I kidding…..
  5. Sign up for a cooking class in Singapore
  6. Volunteer for something I believe can make a difference
  7. Climb Mt. Pulag, Philippines
  8. Brainstorm for a business idea
  9. Read at least 20 books
  10. Climb Mt. Ophir, Johor Bahru – http://tamanhutanlagenda.blogspot.sg/p/price-list.html
  11. Watch Coldplay Concert ❤
  12. Stand up Padding
  13. Join a “meet-up” session in Singapore and meet new friends
  14. Learn Basic Coding
  15. Join a food or drinking competition
  16. Hike the Dragon’s Back in HK
  17. Learn Mandarin
  18. Sell/Donate all “excess” things
  19. Singapore Flyer!
  20. Watch Formula 1
  21. Try GX-5 (extreme swing) with friends – G-Max (reverse bungy) for 2018 HAHA
  22. Kayaking at Palau Ubin
  23. Spend Christmas in PH
  24. Audition for a play
  25. Update blog regularly

I’m only left with a few which I can continue for this year. But nevertheless, the greatest achievement for me was learning to love myself a bit more. Focusing on what truly matters and simply just being contented with life (owning a Xiaomi phone is not so bad after all).

As I travel around the world I realize Three (5) simple things:

  1. Life is short. Learn to love and laugh more.  
  2. Saying thank you is enough to make someone’s day.
  3. Forgiveness is always the key to a peaceful heart.
  4. Money makes the world go round (Yes) but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll revolve yourself around money.
  5. Happiness cant be found elsewhere. True happiness shines from deep within. 

I knew it a long time ago, based from all the stories and books that I’ve read but only last year I learned to apply it completely in my life.

Another thing about last year was me being active, fit and all that. My closest friends would know me well. I don’t like running or any form of exercise simply because I have other things in mind such as watching all my favorite series and reading the latest book by either Mitch Albom, Colleen Hoover and Nicholas Sparks or anything World War related because I like to cry, I like to imagine things.

But this year, I found out I was sick (Not posting any details because its not really that important) I got really fat, hated myself – not for being fat but for not being with my family and that I also learned that being independent means I have to be responsible for my self. Hence, I started to run, exercise and do all sort of things to be better.

Being a normal weight all my life, I couldn’t imagine being 70 kgs but then again food is life and life is short. So you can do the math. (I’m quite sure people can relate).

I started 17th September and yes hello its me. hahaha I was so dark because I’ve been going to the beach atleast once a week.


It was during my first run, I think I did 10 km for 1 hours and 20 mins. I dont feel like its that bad.


I continued running with my office mates so it really helped me a lot that I have other people with the same goal. (I dread myself to go to the office every Monday and Thursday because I know that I have to run after that).


This was me when I felt like I was losing weight. But hello to the jollibee and pizza on the table. LOL


This was my second run with my office mates. It took me less than an hour to do 10 km which is a great achievement for me already.


I lost 4 kgs (8.8 lbs) from there and my menstruation went back to normal without me taking all the medication.


Sorry for the mess haha I tried my old swimsuit which I couldn’t wear before and it can already fit me.


This was me last week. In total, I lost 8 kgs (17.6 lbs) in 3 months. Although I feel like I don’t really need to lose more weight, I just know that I must continue to do whatever I’m doing. Yes to health is wealth.

This 2018, I will be more enthusiastic. I’ll continue to be the independent, happy me so I can always be sunshine to others.

PS Must save.


Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan: 2 Days & 1 Night

When you talked about Bali, you are probably aware of the temples such as Uluwatu and Tanah Lot and you have probably discover yourself while walking around Ubud. You might have stayed at either Kuta and Seminyak simply because of the reviews.

I’ve been working in Singapore for more than 3 years now (Yay?) I love Bali so much that I usually go there once in a while. I honestly think  Bali is an expensive place compare to its neighboring Cities, Towns and Villages but its so beautiful and peaceful and yet it has a wide variety of food to choose from and places to go to.

Since its my nth time in Bali, I decided to visit an island that my local friend recommended a few years back. He mentioned that the beach is nicer and the island is more peaceful because there are only few people in the area compare to the City Center (True enough).

The reason why my boyfriend and I decided to explore the Nusa Islands particularly Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan (we want another reason to go back so we are leaving Nusa Penida in our list)


There are 4 options, you can check this very helpful article by Travel Fish, How to go to Nusa Lembongan from Bali.

If we have more time, I’d like to experience taking the normal boat but we took Rocky Fast Cruise (Fast Boat) going to the island instead because we are also rushing. We paid 500,000 Rupiah (SGD $51.00) for a return ticket (pickup & drop-off included). It took us 40 mins. to reach the island. I hate boat rides, I do not get sea sick but I hate the sound of people vomiting.

I found this list also just in case you want more option. Price ranges from 100,000 Rupiah to 600,000 Rupiah depending on how good you are in negotiating.

Bali Hai Cruises
T: (0361) 720 331

Bounty Cruises
T: (0361) 726 666

T: (0361) 750 808

Rocky Fast Cruises
T: (0361) 801 2324

Scoot Fast Cruises
T: (0361) 285 522



We are not particular with hotels. Miguel and I believe that we can splurge our money on food and activities but not on hotels unless we plan to not do anything but that is never the case.

In Nusa Lembongan, we stayed at Bay Shore Huts. The thing is there are not much hotels to choose from at this area but I suggest to look for a hotel near the beach. Nusa Lembongan is quite small and you can roam around the area using motorbike or bikes. There are only few cars and is not recommendable due to the road being extremely narrow.

I always check TripAdvisor for hotel reviews and if you want to know more about Bay Shore Huts, you can check this link for reviews Bay Shore Huts.


The hotel is quite nice. You’ll have your own bungalow like a nipa hut, the staff are really nice, the room is clean, bathroom is neat and big enough, the food in their restaurant is quite good and it is located in front of the beach. Happy to have stayed in this hotel.

For a list of Nusa Lembongan hotels you can check this link: Nusa Lembongan Hotels


We took the fast boat at 12 nn from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan, so we arrived at the hotel around 2:30 pm as we have to wait for everyone else to settle their things.

We’re so hungry so we end up just eating at the hotel. After that we rented a pickup truck to tour us around which is quite a bad idea because we could have done it by ourselves, we’re just too lazy. The tour is about 3 hours and we paid about 300,000 Rupiah.

The tour consist of:

  • Panorama Point


This is such a nice view but in reality, the surrounding is a pile of trash with lots of kids asking to take selfies so they can ask money from you.


Like this one…

  • Yellow Bridge (Connection between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan) 


The bridge is quite unique because of its color but the amazing part is the view from Nusa Lembongan to the next island. I do not have pictures but the view is really good, I had the hard time taking pictures because 1. The car is moving and 2. Keeping it in my mind’s memory.

  • Dream Beach

Dream beach is such a dream. If I’m ever going back to Nusa Lembongan, I’ll definitely stay in this place. Its so magical and unreal. I feel so small being in this place, traveling sometimes makes you realize that you are a just a piece of trash simply because the world is so big and beautiful and yet people in general are so full of themselves.




We stayed here for about an hour, lying down and talked about life in general. Lucky enough to be with someone who likes exploring as much as I do.

  • Devil’s Tear

We waited for the sunset at Devil’s Tear but too bad Mr. Sun didn’t show up. Even though, its still wonderful to see God’s creation at its finest. The sound of the wave hitting the rocks is like a memory you’ll never forget.


It was a long day for us so we decided to head back at the hotel.

By the way, you can try these restaurants! J. Hai Bar & Grill (prawns), Sandy Bay Beach Club ( BQ Tuna or Mahi Mahi), Panorama Restaurant ( Nasi Goreng), Dream Beach Restaurant ( Curry), Warung Patu (Nasi Goreng) and finally Bali Eco Deli (salads).

There are other places besides the one I listed that you can visit.

  • Visit the Mangrove Forest!!!!
  • Snorkeling trip… always wanted this but Miguel loves the beach and hates water (odd)
  •   Have a massage. Their massage is relatively cheap and extremely good


Nusa Ceningan is just a few minutes away from Nusa Lembongan via the yellow bridge. Instead of hiring a pick up truck, we then decided to explore the nearby island via motorbike (Best decision ever!!!) If you don’t know how to drive, you can always ask locals around and they’ll be happy to tour you for a fee of 100,000 Rupiah/ Hour which is about SGD 10.00.

Compare to Nusa Lembongan, restaurants, bars and even hotels are scarce in Nusa Ceningan. But I think its still best to visit the place. You will not regret it!

Our boat back to Sanur was around 5 pm so we still have time to explore. Hence, these are the places worth visiting if you have extra time.

  • Blue Lagoon

Our first stop was blue lagoon, there are no people during the time of our visit. it was actually a cliff jump point but the government decided to close it because its too dangerous.



  • Mahana Point

This is where surfers do their thing. You’ll see about 15 of them catching the waves all together and it was such an amazing view. You can also cliff jump (legally).


our tour guide also decided to bring us to hidden places with good view but I can’t remember the name so I’ll just post the pictures.


There are other places besides the one I listed that you can visit.

  • Secret Beach – Heard that it is the clearest beach in Bali
  • Driftwood Bar – Infinity Pool + View of the Beach
  • Watch a few dolphins and Manta Rays
  • Scuba Dive or Snorkelling
  •  Check Le Pirate Beach Club for instagram purposes

I still feel like I missed a lot during the trip and should have stayed in the Nusa Islands longer but nevertheless, it was a fun and memorable trip.

We went back to Sanur at 5 pm and the drop- off to the airport or anywhere in (Seminyak/ Kuta)  from Sanur is already included in the package if you take Rocky Fast Cruise.

Then back to reality. Sigh.



Explore Singapore: Gram Worthy Tanjong Beach Club

From their website it says, “Lauded by Condé Nast Traveller as one of the World’s Best Beach Clubs, Tanjong Beach Club is a serene sanctuary located on the finest sun-soaked stretch of sand in Sentosa. Designed to straddle the line between indoors and outdoors, the beach club takes its cue from the seaside homes of yesteryear, mid-century modernism and nostalgic maritime influences.”

There are not much places to share in Singapore simply because it is just a small country of about 719.1 km² with a population of 5,535 Million (Can you imagine Indonesia having about a population of 257.6 Million and Philippines having about 100.7 Million in population) the difference is quite huge.

Although I can share thousands of restaurants around Singapore simply because everyone here likes to buy food instead of cooking, I can tell you there are only few places you can visit if you feel like going to the beach on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday Morning. My go to place would be : Tanjong Beach Club. Although a lot of people would argue because of its location (Sentosa) and because of the price of the food and drinks ($$$$) I still think its a nice place to unwind after work.


Food also is okay. I ordered Tanjong Burger and its not bad although its expensive (about (S$28.00). If you want to see their menu before you visit, click this link: Tanjong Beach Club Menu


But being a Millenial, it also means taking pictures of every angle of the place with your friends who are all willing to pose anytime and anywhere.


Tanjong Beach Club is located at 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa Singapore 098942 and is open daily. For reservation, you can call or booked on their website. Tanjong Beach Club.

Any beach clubs in Singapore you would like to recommend? Let us know!

Epass, Spass and Work Permit: Working in Singapore for Filipinos

A lot of people asked me the difference between having epass, spass and work permit. Again, I am not an expert on this field and I am just really trying to help out those who are looking for answers and those who are interested to work in Singapore.

I already wrote about finding work in Singapore, you can check this link: Guide on How to Find Work in Singapore this is the first step! 

Finally, you went for your job interview then you got accepted, what is the next step? 

This entry would be about the difference between the permits, what are the requirements, how to apply it and how long do you usually need to wait.

Mostly, your HR will be the one to process all your papers, you just need to submit neccessary documents such as diploma, TOR, your previous pass (if you have one), resume etc.

But some small companies do not have a human resource department and is not knowledgeable on processing pass for foreigners hence the reason why there are immigration experts. I tried Paul Hype before and my pass got approved with their help. The only downside is that you have to pay about $800- $1500 for these companies (shouldered by you or your company) to help you process your papers.

Trust me, its quite hard to process your pass alone because MOM is really strict about it.

Employment Pass

Foreigners in general need quota  to be able to work in Singapore but for Epass the company doesn’t need quota meaning it is easier for the company to get a foreigner under employment pass as long as they are willing to pay $3,600 and more.

Who can apply for epass: (according to MOM), you must have:

  • a job offer in Singapore.
  • Work in a managerial, executive or specialised job.
  • Earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $3,600 (more experienced candidates need higher salaries).
  • Have acceptable qualifications, usually a good university degree, professional qualifications or specialist skills

This Assessment Tool will be your bestfriend along the way. This is actually quite accurate, before applying for EP you must try this one first to save you time.

Note on salaries:

  • Young graduates from good institutions can qualify if they earn at least $3,600.
  • Older, more experienced candidates need higher salaries to qualify.

For Filipinos, I just heard from a friend who is working in MOM that they usually choose 3 schools every year to be their top priority.

The schools vary every year. 2 years ago, it was DLSU, CSB and ADMU.

But if you are 24 and above, you must have a really high salary $4,000 and more regardless of your school. Again, you must always check the MOM assessment tool.


S-pass is for mid- skilled foreign employees. For this type of pass, there is a quota and levy to be paid by the employer.

Based from the MOM website, S-pass holders should meet this criteria:

  • Fixed monthly salary of at least $2,200. The salary should reflect work experience. Older, more experienced applicants need higher salaries to qualify.
  • A degree or diploma. We may consider technical certificates, such as courses for qualified technicians or specialists. The certification should include at least 1 year of full-time study.
  • Years of relevant work experience.

Again, you must always check the self-assessment tool for reference. This is most likely 80-90% accurate (but everything still depends on MOM).

Work Permit

There are different types of work permit. I do not have any knowledge about this although I am aware that Filipinos are now allowed to get a work permit not just as a domestic helper but also for construction or service sector as long as the company has quota and willing to pay such levy required by the government.

How to Apply for Work Permit?

There are a lot of agencies both in the Philippines and Singapore who process work work permits. Some agencies would require you to pay immediately some would be by salary deduction.

Most of these agencies will process all the papers for you but it is also your right to know the process and the rules.

Please know that MOM is very strict with work permit hence the reason why most work permit holders go through agencies.

Usually as long as you comply with all the requirements and your health is good, there won’t be a problem with the approval of your pass. Below is the list of agencies in Singapore that might help. Let me know if you have other suggestions.


There are about hundreds of opening just under POEA, you can double check by clicking this link. JOBS IN SINGAPORE

I’ll try my best to answer your questions and again I am not affliated to any agencies or any companies related to hiring hence, I am just trying to help since I received so many emails from my last post about finding a job in Singapore.

Happy Independence Day!







2:30 AM Thoughts

“The day wasn’t a total waste. i enjoyed it:D The only thing missing is her. I miss her badly! 😦 SUPER. I know it’s my fault for us being this way. I don’t deserve her. When she’s got all the time and gives all her effort for me i just lay around doing nothing. Staying TAMAD. I love her yet I can’t seem to make her happy anymore. What can I do? 😦 I don’t know. I’ll ponder on things for now and hope for the best. All I know is that i can’t leave her. Not just because I don’t want to disappoint her. Not just because I want to prove to her that there’s really a forever. Not just because I don’t wanna be the fucking guy who breaks her heart. She’s a good person. She deserves better. I won’t leave her for the simple reason that I love her. Yeah, sounds cliche but it’s true. I’m lucky enough to have her in my life. Let’s see how long true love will last. She might not believe me but I’m betting on forever:)) I can hope for nothing more. just the thought of a future with her gives me strength. The strength to not give up and keep going. Even if there might be a chance of pain in the end.”

I remember having my old blog that turned 7 years today so I decided to back read everything. This is one of my favorite. I am not sure if I wrote this or someone wrote it for me (LOL) but doesn’t really matter.

I just like the thought that love is connected to all sort of emotions including pain, that “some” people still believe that true love exist and in the parallel universe, someone is fighting hard to keep the relationship smooth- sailing.

To that special girl who is reading this entry, I hope you find the one who will give you butterflies in your stomach even after a long time, who will make you feel special in doing the simplest of things and I hope you’ll marry your true love because its worth it and nothing more, be with someone who can accept your flaws and love you just the way you are and vice versa.

The ability to forgive and endure pain says a lot about how badly you want to be with someone so follow your heart but use your mind.

Awesome List 2017

Ever since I moved to Singapore, my life has been pretty dull (not complaining though). I’ve always wanted a simple life away from politics and away from all the “noise”  so having a peaceful and dull life could be the only reason why I am still in Singapore and why I might not go back anytime soon.

I am writing this because I am bored. I know a New Year’s Resolution might be late but I figured I need to do something or I might just waste another year watching series and over thinking about life.

Since I’m 25, I figured I need atleast 25 things that I haven’t done  to be included in my awesome list. Promise to do atleast half HAHA (Calling it awesome list instead of bucket list)


  1. Climb Mt. Agung
  2. Explore Gold Coast, Australia – http://blog.queensland.com/2015/08/07/100-things-to-do-gold-coast/ for reference
  3. Spend Autumn in Japan
  4. Finish a half marathon (Marathon for next year) – Who am I kidding…..
  5. Sign up for a cooking class in Singapore
  6. Volunteer for something I believe can make a difference
  7. Climb Mt. Pulag, Philippines
  8. Brainstorm for a business idea
  9. Read at least 20 books
  10. Climb Mt. Ophir, Johor Bahru – http://tamanhutanlagenda.blogspot.sg/p/price-list.html
  11. Watch Coldplay Concert ❤
  12. Stand up Padding
  13. Join a “meet-up” session in Singapore and meet new friends
  14. Learn Basic Coding
  15. Join a food or drinking competition
  16. Hike the Dragon’s Back in HK
  17. Learn Mandarin (More like speak Mandarin fluently)
  18. Sell/Donate all “excess” things
  19. Singapore Flyer!
  20. Watch Formula 1
  21. Try GX-5 (extreme swing) with friends – G-Max (reverse bungy) for 2018 HAHA
  22. Kayaking at Palau Ubin
  23. Spend Christmas in PH
  24. Audition for a play
  25. Update blog regularly

I will probably make a blog about each one for my reference. I can’t wait to highlight everything, starting with the Coldplay Concert and the half- marathon this April.

PS Hi friends support me pls, thanks.

Hidden Paradise in Cambodia: Koh Rong Samloem

Whenever I travel I usually like to explore 5 things in general. 1) temples 2) traditions/culture 3) Mountains  4) Food 5) Beach

I went to Cambodia for a 6 days tour because I wanted to visit Siem Reap (temples), Pnom Penh (history/ culture) and Silhanoukville (beach). – I will probably write a separate entry for the whole tour.

I am doing this entry to remind myself that there are still places unknown to many and that Cambodia is not just all about “Angkor Wat” and “Pol Pot regime”. They also have really nice beach just like those in Thailand and the Philippines.

This might also be my only memory left because they are planning to commercialize the area and yes, Koh Rong Samloem is the best. (Silhanoukville is not really nice unless you just want to drink all night and Koh Rong is a little more commercialize compare to Koh Rong Samloem. – It really depends on your preference)


From Singapore, there are direct flights going to Silhanoukville but I do not recommend because it is very expensive (usually around $400-500 sgd) so instead, take a flight to Pnom Penh – nearest to Silhanoukville, then take a bus from Pnom Penh to Silhanoukville. (Approx. 4-5 hours)

From Silhanoukville, there are boats going to the island (Koh Rong Samloem). Either you take the fast boat or ferry depends on the time as well.

The Fast Boat to Koh Rong Samloem fromSihanoukVille leaves the Serendipity Beach Pier at 9am and 3pm. The trip to Saracen Bay on Koh Rong Samloem takes 40 minutes, and cost $10 each way. The fast boat ferry leaves Koh Rong Samloem Island at 8:30am and 2:30 pm for SihanoukVille.


From Pnom Penh, you can book a bus going to Silhanoukville – I suggest taking Giant Ibis (safest and fastest). You can check their website, Giant Ibis.



Serendipity Beach Pier – Silhanoukville



Lazy Beach Resort 

There are actually 2 sides of Koh Rong Samloem, one is The Lazy Beach (we stayed there and I felt like we own the whole island) from The Lazy Beach, you need to pass by a forest to reach Saracen Bay where there are few hotels/hostels.

I will be biased if I say stay in Lazy Beach. But seriously, they have really good food, your own private island beach, hammock everywhere and a priceless view of the beach and the sunset!!!!!!!

Since there is no wifi, you can really enjoy every moment. The stars at night is amazing especially when all the lights are off. (There is usually no electricity at night)



Did I mention, Sunset? I swear, the sunset at Lazy Beach will make you feel good and make you feel a certain level of happiness that is peaceful at the same time. I wanted to go back just for the sunset.


For reservation or inquries you can check their website:

Lazy Beach Resort

You can either book in person or call +855 (0)16 214 211 or +855 (0)17 456 536 to make your reservation.

Saracen Bay

From Lazy Beach, you have to walk around 20 mins. to reach Saracen Bay. – You’ll pass by a small forest (beware of animals – though they are harmless, it is illegal to feed them. You’ll see monkeys, reptiles, insects, etc)


But if you want to party, meet new people, and a nicer beach then you must stay along Saracen Bay. There are few hostels there and you can even rent a tent.

This is the island’s official map:


For those who enjoy the night life, they have a full moon party along Saracen Bay. I heard its the best. You can check their website for the complete schedule and line – up. http://www.koh-rong-samloem-island.com/full-moon-party.html

I heard from my friends that along Saracen Bay, you can check these hotels/hostels as well.

  • The Beach Island Resort
  • Secret Paradise Resort
  • Sweet dreams Samloem
  • Sol Beach Resort

The rate ranges from $30.00 SGD to $80.00 and you must book early because most of the time, all of the hotels are fully booked.

What is nice about Saracen Bay is the beach. I don’t need to say anything, let the pictures do the talking but seriously its surreal.


They don’t have an ATM machine in the island so you should always have cash with you.

The best food is the restaurant at Lazy Beach (you can find drinks everywhere) we stayed there for a few days so literally order almost everything in the menu just because its cheaper to eat good food in Cambodia if you compare it to Singapore.


If you have more time you can also visit the fishing villages, the waterfalls, mangroves and a lot more if you are into activities. But for me personally, I’d rather stay in an island, enjoy the sun and the feeling of being away from work.

I’ve been to Boracay, Palawan, Cebu, Bohol and a lot more beach in the Philippines, I know its probably incomparable but if you want something different, try to visit Koh Rong Samloem, I swear you will not regret it.

There is something about undevelop islands that makes you feel refreshing.

P.S If its your lucky day and you are up for an adventure you can also swim with bioluminiscent planktons. Its like a fairytale where in the glow of the planktons are the only color you’ll see at night. You can swim with them but be careful because they randomly bite.

If you have more suggestions, let me know!


Movie Guide: Where to watch Movies Online?

Some people like to exercise, read books, do something good and be productive but some people like to stay at home and not do anything (Guilty!).

I currently love my job despite the hectic schedule. My work allows me to travel around Singapore and explore so after work, I’d rather stay at home, check my email for updates and watch movies.

  1. Dramanice.to – Fan of Korean Dramas?

I like korean dramas because I feel like I’m in a fantasy world where everyone is either too happy or too sad and I like playing with my own emotions. For those who likes to watch updated korean dramas you can visit Drama Nice. I just finished Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and its worth the hype. Currently watching Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea (since its not yet finished and updates are usually available every TH, F, SAT only)


If you want to watch Korean varieties I suggest watching 2 days, 1 night (exploring Korea), Return of the Superman (Kids and Dads) and Infinite Challenge. I also watch Running Man but only after I finished watching 2 days, 1 night.

2. Netflix

Netflix is super boring in Singapore because they remove a lot of movies and series that are available elsewhere hence, I usually just watch the netflix original series.

If you have time, you can try:

  • Narcos
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Sense8
  • The Crown
  • Stranger Things
  • Series of Unfortunate Events

I also love the documentaries! Btw, I tried using VPN so I can access netflix in US but I can’t seem to use it anymore so I guess Netflix is serious in enforcing geographical content.

3. Cyro.se

If you want updated movies such as La la Land, Fantastic Beast and more, check this site. Decided to just buy an HDMI to connect our computer with the TV because we usually don’t have the time. They also have series that are updated such as Sherlock.


Let me know if you have other suggestions!

Yogyakarta, Indonesia: (5 Days, 4 nigts)

If there is one place in Indonesia that I love so much, it would probably be Yogyakarta (“jogja”). I love temples! Its a part of history that you can’t change. It tells stories of the past and how it differs from the present. You’ll see how simple life is and how important nature is to them.

I arrived around 10 am, from airport to the city it would take you around 30 minutes. I like staying at hostels when I travel alone because I meet a lot of people and its just fun and cheaper to travel with someone.

I stayed at Sae sae hostel! For a hostel, its a 10/10. I heard they transferred to a better location but still around the area so I suggest for you to stay there when you are on a budget and you want to meet awesome people.

Not to mention they are number 1 in TripAdvisor! (The rent is around 19 sgd per night)


There is a direct flight from Singapore to Yogyakarta but its cheaper if you would take air asia so take a bus from Singapore to KL (around $25.00 sgd) then take the flight from there ( $140-200+) depends on the season.

From the Philippines, I am not sure if there is a direct flight, but you can take a flight from Philippines to Jakarta then either take the train, bus or another flight to Yogkarta (depends on the budget).

Day 1:

You can tour around the City. Instead of taking the normal group tour. I suggest on taking the bike tour (SAESAE offers a city tour) unbelievable because you’ll be able to see  hidden temples around the area itself (w no entrance fee). –Bike tour is around 40-50 sgd 


  • Plaosan Temple – Amazing Sunset!
  • Sambisari Temple – Formerly buried under lava
  • Candi Prambanan
  • Sewu Temple
  • Sambisari Temple

Sambisari Temple – It was raining when I went there (it would be a lot better with Mr. Sun)



Sewu Temple

You can also visit Prambanan Temple – (consist of 240 temples!) for sunset and watch the Ramayana Ballet.


Prambanan Temple -Entrance fee (18 usd)


Prambanan Temple

If you are interested to watch Ramayana Ballet – It is also in Prambanan Temple between 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm (35 usd – inclusive of dinner)

(Pictures from Google Image)

Day 2:

Woke up early to have breakfast around the area ( I will make a separate blog post on food – there are too many unique cafes and good food in Yogyakarta)

Took time to visit Kraton and Water Caste (Taman Sari) in the morning. 

If you want culture and history, this is a must! You will know the story, culture and a lot more to learn from this place. – (Takes around 3-4 hours) Met a friend  from the hostel who joined me in touring both Kraton and Taman Sari.


In the afternoon, I suggest to just explore the food and learn how to ride the motorbike. I love Bali, I’ve been to Bali for more than 3 times already but Yogyakarta is so rich in culture, nature and a lot more but the price you’ll spend would be 1/3 of what you will spend in  Bali.

Why I suggest to just rest and enjoy the central area is because you have a choice to hike Mt. Merapi and hiking starts at 1 am. If you are not interested in hiking then you can take the jeep ride going up in the afternoon (there is a tour guide)  but you won’t be able to reach the peak which is beyond amazing.

Day 3

Hiking at Mt. Merapi is the highlight of my trip. You should try to book as early as your first day – must have at least 3 pax for the tour guide to proceed. The hike starts at 1 am and if you are fast and healthy enough, you’ll reach the top by Sunrise (around 5:30 -6:00 am) and I am not sure why it took me longer to go down we reached the bottom around 12:30 nn- 1:00 pm already.

It was really one of the best experience I have. I mean I’ve been to different mountains in the Philippines and being somewhere else is also a great experience. Too be honest, I wasn’t fit enough so I really had a hard time. In our group, we were around 10 but only 5 of us managed to reached the peak. – I was trying to challenge myself.

PS Its very cold on top. Please bring a thick jacket, gloves and wear thick socks to be able to climb comfortably. The hike was hard for me not because it was steep or dangerous but because it was raining, I was just wearing a hoodie and Its all the way up with no chill.

For more information you can check this website: http://discoveryourindonesia.com/mount-merapi/

Mt. Merapi is a very active volcano and the surrounding area are all mountains.



If you are not yet tired and still up for adventure, you can visit Sri Gethuk Waterfall. You can ask Saesae for a bike tour to this place, I think its 1 hour by bike from the City. – Sunset is very nice and my tour guide takes nice pictures.


You can also go cave tubing on Nature’s lazy river since its near the area, but I was so tired so end up not doing it (a must on my next visit).

At night, there is this restaurant which serves authentic Nasi Lemak and Nasi Goreng. You can ask the tour guide to pass by this place. (Locals favorite)


I pretty much suggest to sleep early because 4th day requires you to waking up very early for a sunrise tour at Borobodur.

Day 4

The tour guide will pick you up around 3:30 in the morning. You will have to walk and climb stairs to reach the top. Borobodur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Borobudur Temple Compounds is one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world, and was built in the 8th and 9th centuries AD during the reign of the Syailendra Dynasty. The monument is located in the Kedu Valley, in the southern part of Central Java, at the centre of the island of Java, Indonesia.

I like chasing temples and I’ve been to Angkor Wat – probably one of the biggest temple in the World but I found peace in Borobodur it was so overwhelming that it made me want to go back immediately. I felt like I can touch the clouds and everything about the place is just pure peace and love.


The tour ends early so you still have more time to explore yogyakarta. If you have enough budget and time, you can visit the beach or Jomblang Cave ( depends on your preference)

Yogyakarta has beach and nice cliff that is quite similar to Bali. You can check this site for reference. https://indonesia.tripcanvas.co/jogja/things-to-do-in-yogyakarta/

I did not have time to go because I was too tired so I end up spending time with newly found friends at the hostel enjoying beer and good music.

Day 5

I actually don’t have enough time left so I went to visit the Sand dunes probably to experience it and take pictures but something went wrong with my camera so I do not have pictures of the place.

You can still check it out if you have time.

Going back to the airport is just too sad. I swear if there is one place in Indonesia that I’ll be happy to go back its definitely, Yogyakarta.

For reference and things to do you can also visit these websites:

Coffee and Chill: Whisk and Paddle @10 Tebing Lane


My roomie for almost 3 years now got really bored and wanted to do something different today so we decided to try a cafe/restaurant  that we’ve been hearing about for the longest time.

Since we live in Central Area, we find the area to be far (Punggol), although it was actually worth it. The green lush view of the cafe is beautiful, considering that most of the time we see buildings and city lights.


The cafe is very instagrammable I think I took lots of pictures while waiting for the food so decided to post some here.

They also have a mini playground for kids! which I think is a plus. I can’t stop looking at the kid playing with the dinosaurs.


The food is good, although I think the serving is small for the price. But other than that, I have really nothing to complain about.

It was late lunch, so Alexa and I just decided to order prawns and kelp which is actually good. I heard from my friends that breakfast and dessert is good.

Their eggs benedict with smoked salmon and crabcake for breakfast, Gnocchi (sweet potato gnocchi, smoked duck breast and sweet potato chips) and Kurobuta Pork Collar for main and rouge fromage and waffles for dessert are their best- seller. You can check this link for their complete menu.


Overall, the food is delicious and the ambiance is so relaxing you just want to live in Punggol.

Other than eating (because there are also a lot of restaurants around the area), you can also walk, jog and run along Punggol Reservoir. You’ll see a lot of people doing the same thing and its quite entertaining. My friend and I decided to just walk and take pictures (since its our first time).


Whisk & Paddle
Address: 10 Tebing Lane, #01-01, Singapore 828836
Phone: +65 6242 4617
Fax: +65 6242 4634
Email: enquiry@whiskandpaddle.com.sg

Operating Hours
Tuesday-Friday                                  3:30pm-10:30pm
Saturday/Sunday/PH                       9:30am-10:30pm

Closed on Mondays (except for PH)