Awesome List 2017

Ever since I moved to Singapore, my life has been pretty dull (not complaining though). I’ve always wanted a simple life away from politics and away from all the “noise”  so having a peaceful and dull life could be the only reason why I am still in Singapore and why I might not go back anytime soon.

I am writing this because I am bored. I know a New Year’s Resolution might be late but I figured I need to do something or I might just waste another year watching series and over thinking about life.

Since I’m 25, I figured I need atleast 25 things that I haven’t done  to be included in my awesome list. Promise to do atleast half HAHA (Calling it awesome list instead of bucket list)


  1. Climb Mt. Agung
  2. Explore Gold Coast, Australia – for reference
  3. Spend Autumn in Japan
  4. Finish a half marathon (Marathon for next year) – Who am I kidding…..
  5. Sign up for a cooking class in Singapore
  6. Volunteer for something I believe can make a difference
  7. Climb Mt. Pulag, Philippines
  8. Brainstorm for a business idea
  9. Read at least 20 books
  10. Climb Mt. Ophir, Johor Bahru –
  11. Watch Coldplay Concert ❤
  12. Stand up Padding
  13. Join a “meet-up” session in Singapore and meet new friends
  14. Learn Basic Coding
  15. Join a food or drinking competition
  16. Hike the Dragon’s Back in HK
  17. Learn Mandarin (More like speak Mandarin fluently)
  18. Sell/Donate all “excess” things
  19. Singapore Flyer!
  20. Watch Formula 1
  21. Try GX-5 (extreme swing) with friends – G-Max (reverse bungy) for 2018 HAHA
  22. Kayaking at Palau Ubin
  23. Spend Christmas in PH
  24. Audition for a play
  25. Update blog regularly

I will probably make a blog about each one for my reference. I can’t wait to highlight everything, starting with the Coldplay Concert and the half- marathon this April.

PS Hi friends support me pls, thanks.

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